Big Tree Entertainment

Bigtree Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. is India’s premiere comprehensive ticketing, information and analysis solutions provider. Bigtree was founded in 1999 with the help of a profitable investment by Chase Capital Partners JP Morgan. Bigtree started out by setting up India?s first entertainment ticketing company. It has interests in software sales and support, ticketing services, box office tracking and analysis. With a dedicated team of over 300 people, Bigtree is poised for growth in each sphere of its operations. Bigtree has recently been invested by the TV18 group.

Area of Operation
  • BookmyShow – Bigtree offers ticketing for cinemas, plays concerts and live events through its website – The service is also available in 10 cites through a single number 39895050. Customers can book tickets through an Automated Speech Recognition
  • Box Office Software sales – Bigtree has a partnership with Vista Entertainment Solutions, New Zealand that offers an advanced Cinema Management software customized for the Indian Market. Vista has a comprehensive product portfolio, which includes Box Office, Concessions, Head Office, Loyalty, IVR, Film Programming tools and PDA ticketing among others. Bigtree also develops software modules for Vista in India.
  • Call Centre Services – Bigtree has setup a service that offers outsourced call centre sales for cinemas across India. Bigtree currently manages 17 call centres with ~120 call stations that have handled a maximum of 250,000 calls a month and booked a maximum of 200,000 tickets per month
  • Rentrak India - Rentrak has partnered with Bigtree in India for providing box office data analysis and reports to distributors, exhibitors and production companies. Rentrak is North America’s largest box office data collection and analysis agency.