What are you gonna ask Armando Iannucci?

…because you have the opportunity to do so tomorrow night at 10pm India time.

Just incase you didn’t know who you’re dealing with. Armando Iannucci isn’t afraid of being rude, in fact he is the king of stringing together great British profanities. This is a man who, on hearing that he’d been nominated for an Oscar, tweeted “Bloomin heck. In The Loop nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar. Bonk me purple.” if you want more of where that came from, and phrases like “I’m as tired as warm cheese” follow him on Twitter.

Iannucci may be innocent looking but his use of language in his writing are anything but. He should have won an Oscar just so we could have heard his speech….maybe they were just scared of what he might say?

In fact he says on his twitter: “We didn’t win. The world will not hear my Nicholas Winterton joke.” Nicholas Winterton is a British politician, and not the only one to be in the firing line for his rich sense of humour.

So maybe there’s our first question – can you tell us the Nicholas Winterton Joke now PLEASE?

Tuesday Night (16th March) will see IN THE LOOP director Armando Iannucci in conversation with Ayesha Darkher LIVE from London before the screening (10pm). Remember that you can text him questions before the event on 00 44 7858 354734 and Ayesha will endeavour to read them all out to him! The film will then start at 10:40pm.

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