Backing our stars for the BAFTAs.

There are no prizes for guessing which nominations we’re excited about for this years BAFTAs (The British Film and Television Awards). These are the biggest film and TV awards on this side of the hemisphere, so naturally we’re on the edge of our seats waiting to see the results. They start tonight and we’ve been following the preparations on Twitter .

Two of the films we’re featuring in our festival include BAFTA nominees.

Armando Iannucci “The hard man of political satire”

The hilarious verbal genius Armando Iannucci – one of the most influential comedy writers and show runners in Britain – has been nominated for In the Loop, which we’ll be showing as part of our line up. Simon Foster, the director of In the Loop describes him as “A brilliant satirist and he definitely understands this world of politics and is obsessed by it.”

Colin Firth, an expert in acting bereaved.

Colin once said “I like playing strange characters. Some people might say it has something to do with a hidden part of myself, but I think it’s a lot simpler than that: normal people are just not very interesting.”

In the films we’re showing, he plays two endearing characters that the audience can’t help themselves but be drawn to. Both are suffering from bereavement. In the first, Genova, Firth plays the part of a father whose wife has recently died, and in the second, Easy Virtue, he describes his character (who has survived WW1, but lost all his peers to the war) as “The only man of his age in this village…he has isolated himself within the family.  He has gone slightly feral; he doesn’t shave; he doesn’t do what he is told or observe the proper protocol.”

All of these films will be showing as part of the From Blighty with Love season across Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, with a chance to speak to British filmmakers via live Skype chat after selected shows.

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